VA Home Loan Resources

At Aligned Mortgage, our mission is to educate our active duty and Veterans about their VA Home Loan Benefits. It is a powerful tool to help build wealth through real estate.

VA Home Loan Checklist

This checklist serves as a basic reference for what is needed to get started when applying for your VA home loan. We are always here to guide you through the whole home buying process.

VA Home Loan Facts & Myths

There are so many myths that fill our heads with fear about the home buying process. Our Free VA Home Loan Facts sheet will help you get educated about the power of your Home Loan Benefit.


Hawaii BAH Summary 2019

Your BAH is powerful. Even if you’ll only be stationed in Hawaii for a few years, you can purchase a home with your VA home loan benefit and sell later – putting your earnings right back into your pocket.


VA Home Loan Guide

VA Loans are a powerful lending option in the market, offering military and veteran homebuyers the ability to purchase a home with major benefits, like no money down and no private mortgage insurance.


Buying Just Makes Sense

Owning a home helps build wealth and invest in your future. With all the funding options available, it’s easy to become a Homeowner!


What Not To Do

Now that you are well on your way to homeownership, take caution and avoid the following mistakes that can derail the process.

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