The Truth About the VA Home Loan Benefit

Attend one of our free VA Home Loan Seminars and learn how to build your legacy with home equity from our VA Loan Experts and US Navy Veteran Chris Cano, and Marine Veteran Tony Dias.

About Our VA Home Loan Seminars

We believe that everyone who has served our country should know about and understand how to use their hard-earned VA home loan benefit. There is simply too much misinformation and confusion in the mortgage industry about the VA loan. Aligned Mortgage made it our mission to arm military and veteran homebuyers with clear and actionable information so they’re empowered to buy a piece of the land they’ve defended with their VA home loan entitlement. Attending one of our free VA Home Loan Seminars is step one.

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What to Expect at our VA Home Loan Seminar

If you attend our seminar, you’re not hearing from some new guy who’s reading off of a script. Aligned Mortgage is veteran-led and brings years of VA home loan knowledge to the table. You can expect candor, current and relevant information, and a walk-through of the entire VA home loan process. We offer a Q&A period and are also available for one-on-one conversations after the presentation. We’re confident you’ll leave our seminar with a clear understanding of how to make your dreams of homeownership come true.
We think that’s a pretty fair trade for a couple of hours of your time. How about you?

VA Home Loan Seminars for Your Group

Real Estate Professionals: We offer CE Courses and Speak at Industry Events. Aligned Mortgage is proud to be a resource on all things VA Loan to our real estate industry partners. We often offer CE classes, so be sure to check our schedule regularly if you’re interested in attending or check with your local board. We can also be available to speak at industry events, to entire realty offices and more.
Please reach out to realtor@alignedmortgage.com to get us scheduled to present to your team.

Disclosure: To utilize the VA home loan program, you’ll need to first establish eligibility, or prove that you have earned the benefit. With VA loans, the amount you can borrow without having to put a down payment on your mortgage varies by location. There is no Loan limit as of January 2020. There are county loan limits if your credit score is below 580, (for Aligned Mortgage). In Hawaii, the VA Loan Limit is $765,600 and Texas $510,400.