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We host monthly “The Truth About the VA Home Loan Benefit Seminar” seminars and quarterly a VA Home Loan Builder Expo to educate our Veterans and their families about the VA Home Loan Benefit and help them achieve the American dream of homeownership.

Learn everything you need to know about the VA Home Loan Benefit, including information about eligibility, fees, and what the steps are toward homeownership with your benefit!  Our team will be ready to chat with you online if you have questions in real-time!

Get a coupon redeemable for closing costs just for attending.


VA Home Loan Seminars
Texas State

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VA Home Loan Builder Expo
Texas State

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VA Home Loan Seminars
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VA Home Loan Seminars
Missouri State Aligned Mortgage


VA Home Loan Seminars
Texas State


VA Home Loan Seminars



Tune in NOW to our on-demand seminar and learn the power of your VA Home Loan Benefit. Get started on your home buying journey with a session packet with information on where to start, who to speak to, and what the steps are to get pre-approved for you new home.

Get a free gift from our team for attending!

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About our VA Home Loan Seminars

We believe that everyone who has served our country should know about and understand how to use their hard-earned VA home loan benefit. There is simply too much misinformation and confusion in the mortgage industry about the VA loan.

Aligned Mortgage made it our mission to arm military and Veteran homebuyers with clear and actionable information so they’re empowered to buy a piece of the land they’ve defended with their VA home loan entitlement. Attending one of our free VA Home Loan Seminars is step one.

Not Just A Speaker Talking At You

If you attend our seminar, you’re not hearing from some new guy who’s reading off of a script. Aligned Mortgage is Veteran-led and brings years of VA home loan knowledge to the table. You can expect candor, current and relevant information, and a walk-through of the entire VA home loan process. We offer a Q&A period and are also available for one-on-one conversations after the presentation.

We’re confident you’ll leave our seminar with a clear understanding of how to make your dreams of homeownership come true.
We think that’s a pretty fair trade for a couple of hours of your time. How about you?

About Tony Dias

Tony Dias NMLS #222836, Steward for Aligned Mortgage, hails from a long line of military patriots. His grandfather served in the United States Navy during World War II, and his father was a ‘lifer’ in the Marine Corps for twenty-five years, doing tours in both Vietnam and Desert Storm. In 1985, the legacy continued when Tony followed in his father’s ‘yellow footprints’ and joined the United States Marine Corps as a Communication Electronics Technician.