What the Improving Access to the VA Home Loan Act of 2022 Means for Veterans

H.R. 7735: The Improving Access to the VA Home Loan Act of 2022 was unanimously voted to pass by the US Senate and signed into law on December 27, 2022, by President Biden. But what does this new law mean for Veterans and active-duty servicemembers?   The Veterans Administration has guaranteed more than 25 million home […]

Debunking 10 VA Home Loan Myths

It’s a shame that there are myths out there that might hinder eligible servicemembers and Veterans from taking advantage of their hard-earned VA Home Loan benefits. These loans provide significant advantages over traditional loans, allowing military families to live the American dream of homeownership. Let’s examine some of these myths and bust them with the […]

Should You Buy a Home Warranty?

It’s every new homeowner’s nightmare. You’re finally settling in your home, and one evening after dinner, your dishwasher leaks all over the floor. Or you turn on the air conditioner, and nothing happens. Money’s tight right now, and expensive AC repair bills or spending $500 on a new dishwasher is the last thing you need.   […]

Renovating Your House: Where To Begin

Congratulations, you used your VA Home Loan benefit and bought yourself a new house. Well, new to you and your family, at least. Of course, if you bought a turn-key home, you won’t have much to do except move your belongings in and relax.   But most folks don’t buy a move-in ready house because, let’s […]

What You Need To Know About Divorce and the VA Loan

It is unfortunate, but the divorce rate among those serving in the armed forces is near twice the national average. And if you’re a female servicemember, your chances of getting a divorce are even higher.   There are numerous reasons why military members are more prone to divorce than civilian couples. For instance, moving and disturbing […]

Surviving Spouses and VA Home Loans FAQs

On average, military families move about every three years or so. Understandably, some wait to purchase homes and opt to rent until the ideal location or situation comes along. But what if your military spouse dies before you ever had a chance to buy a house? Does that mean you missed your opportunity to take […]

Is a Joint VA Home Loan Right for You?

So, you’re single, eligible for a VA Home Loan, and eager to buy a house  —  but you’re worried that you might not be able to afford what you want. And you’re on the fence because of a sluggish housing market. That isn’t necessarily bad news for you as a buyer. However, it is for […]

Live or Artificial Christmas Tree? We’ve Got the Pros and Cons

You’ll hate hearing this, but we’re a trashy bunch – it’s true – especially during the holidays.  According to Stanford University, we throw away 25% more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year’s than at any other time. That adds up to about 25 tons of garbage or about one million extra tons each week. From […]

First Thanksgiving Dinner in Your New Home: Tips for Success

Whether moving into a newly constructed home or a charming older place, it’s all brand new to you. Under ordinary circumstances, you’d have plenty of time to get acquainted. However, the holidays are careening around the corner, and friends and family are expecting you to host your first Thanksgiving feast before you’ve even finished unpacking […]

9 Key Takeaways From The VA Cash-Out Refinance Loan

VA-backed refinance options are gaining popularity with qualified borrowers looking to explore lower interest rates, take cash out of their home’s equity, or simply refinance a non-VA loan into a VA-backed loan. The VA Cash-Out refinance loan offers many advantages of the VA loan program. It might prove ideal for veterans who want to refinance […]