Housing Market Shift Prompts Aligned Mortgage Relocation


Housing Market Shift Prompts Aligned Mortgage Relocation

San Antonio, Texas – (7 November 2022) Aligned Mortgage announced today they will relocate to their former home, also in San Antonio, effective 7 November 2022.

We are in the wake of a substantial shift from a booming housing market where record-low interest rates have been replaced by those quickly rising to heights not seen in 20 years. Because of this slowdown, we have decided to relocate our office. However, we’re not moving away, necessarily. Rather, on 7 November 2022, we are moving back to our former home at 5590 Summit Parkway, San Antonio, Texas, 78229. Aligned Mortgage, established in 2017, was founded on the mission of educating the vast 85% of Veterans who have not used their VA Home Loan benefit. The move will take them back to the location where they host their monthly VA Home Loan Seminars, as well as a myriad of workshops and coaching tailored to Military Personnel, Realtors, and other industry partners.

The Aligned Mortgage family is always looking for the best means to continue meeting the needs or our Veterans, Military families, and our San Antonio community. We feel that streamlining our office structure will better help us accomplish our fiscal goal to save expenses while supporting our valued clients in realizing the dram of homeownership during these demanding times.

For more information on updated address and map location, please click here.

About Aligned Mortgage: Aligned Mortgage was founded in 2017 by Veterans Tony Dias and Chris Cano and joined by Cody Carrasquillo in 2019. As a team, they are passionate about ensuring that everyone who has defended our country has the chance to own a piece of it. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, Aligned Mortgage has offices in eight U.S. cities and employs more than 190 people, including 86 Military Veterans. Each year, the company contributes to local and national nonprofits in support of military families and communities where employees live and work. For more information about Aligned Mortgage, follow us on Facebook @alignedmortgage.

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