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Aligned Mortgage was founded in 2017 by veterans Chris Cano and Tony Dias and joined by Cody Carrasquillo in 2019. As a team, they are passionate about ensuring that everyone who has defended our country has the chance to own a piece of it.  At Aligned Mortgage, our goal is to educate Veterans regarding their hard-earned VA Home Loan Benefit and to provide transparency and unparalleled service to our nation’s heroes when it comes time for them to purchase or refinance a home.

Our Stewards

Steward of Aligned Mortgage
Steward of Aligned Mortgage
Steward of Aligned Mortgage

Passion Meets Expertise

We’re Veteran-led and rooted deeply in the communities in which we serve, bringing to the table many years of mortgage industry experience and unparalleled VA lending expertise. We’re passionate about providing education to buyers and real estate partners alike and are proud to be your resource on all things related to the VA home loan.

Our foundation in faith and dedication to the community make us a unique choice in lenders.

To serve and educate veterans about their VA home loan benefit so that every Veteran has an opportunity to own a piece of the country they defended.


This is our first pillar for a reason. God has been the provider of all resources and opportunities that we are given to help Veterans and the community. Our faith in God and trust in Him will always be our solid foundation.


A robust work life without a healthy home life doesn’t make for a successful balance.  For many of us, our families are the reason we continue to strive for excellence in the work place.  Our family includes the Veterans and community members who walk through our doors in need of services.


Coworkers are our second family. We spend 40+ hours a week with these people and the relationships we make at work are valued and cherished. Coworkers are our second family. The hours we spend away from our homes are tied to people we respect, care for and value in our lives.  These relationships are solidified by our common goal of serving our community.


The Aligned Mortgage family contributes hundreds of volunteer hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars in employee donations every year to impact the communities where we live. Why? Because giving back to our communities is a vital part of our company culture.



Culture  affects every aspect of our business, from the public’s perception of our brand to our employees’ job satisfaction.  We are so proud of the team that we have assembled at our branches nationwide and our employees have embraced our four pillars of Faith, Family, Coworkers, & Community.  They consistently amaze us at their level of generosity and true caring, evident by the amazing contributions to our employee-funded foundation that has supported organizations and individuals in the communities we serve.

We celebrate each victory, we celebrate each other, and we strive to lift each other and the people around us so that we can move forward as one unit.  Together, we have created a family that extends from sea to shining sea.


At Aligned Mortgage, we have educated over 150,000 Veterans on the VA Home Loan benefit through live and online seminars and military base briefs taught by the VA Loan Expert and prior service Marine, Tony Dias.  Education is the key to successfully navigating the home loan process.  Tony breaks it down so Veterans understand what they need to get started from getting a Certificate of Eligibility to dispelling the myths surrounding the loan process.

Our seminars are now LIVE online!

Tony Dias VA Home loan benefit

We Have Helped Thousands of veterans achieve home ownership using The VA Home Loan.


Learn Your Buying Power.

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